Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who Gets Hurt When Players Get Injured?

I was pretty struck by an article in the sports page of the New York Times on Saturday September 22nd by Adam Himmelsbach that looked closely at how severe injuries affect the teammates of injured football players. The article explored the impact of Tulane University players after safety Devon Walker suffered a severe cervical spine fracture during a September 8th game.   

Each time football players don equipment and lace up cleats to step out onto fields across America to practice against teammates or play in front of screaming crowds, they face physical and emotional realities that are often overshadowed by the ever-growing intensity and glossy mass appeal of the sport. These realities can serve as harsh reminders of the brutal nature of the game.



Monday, September 3, 2012

Jerry Sandusky, Penn State Coach, Guilty

Now what? 71 days after a Centre County Pennsylvania jury found former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky guilty on 45 of 48 criminal counts of molesting young boys, those two simple words gracing the cover of the September/October issue of The Penn Stater Magazine cover effectively sum up the slew of unanswered questions leading up to the Nittany Lion’s Saturday September 1st home football opener.

The late summer day was warm and the skies above were clear except for the occasional white puff of cloud, and the sun shone down on the freshly mowed grass. After the Penn State Blue Band, resplendent in their uniforms, marched out and formed up to play the Alma Mater song, ‘For the Glory of Old State’, the crowd stood to sing the words while swaying slowly in unison in an emotional-moment that tugged at the hearts of many long-time fans. Off in the distance the rolling green hills and lush valleys of Central Pennsylvania seemed to stretch on forever.

Jerry Sandusky, Penn State Coach, Guilty

Monday, August 27, 2012

2011 Asian Gaelic Games – Suwon, October 15-16, 2011.

Part I.
Christy Cooney told the crowded hotel’s function room that when you go to the airport in Sydney you can tell exactly where every Irish person there is from by the county colours they are wearing proudly on their chests. This he said was a testament to the role of the GAA in Irish people’s identity when they are forced to emigrate to. But when he said this, Christy Cooney was nowhere near Sydney; he was in fact, a little over 8,000 kilometres away from there, about the same distance as it would be to fly half-way from Dublin to Sydney, in the main hall of convention centre attached to the Ibis Hotel in Suwon, South Korea. Regardless, his comments were not out of place.

South Korean flag

Boylan Talks Sport welcomes Mark Flythe to the team.

Hi All,

Boylan Talks Sport is very happy to add a new member to the team. Our NEW Guest writer will be Mark Flythe. Mark is an Actor, Writer, Blogger and a Penn State University Alumni. He played American football with Penn State for 4 years, then went to the NFL where he played in the practice squad for the Denver Broncos, then moved to the NY Giants. We have given Mark [all 6ft 7 of him] a blank sheet to write about any subjects he chooses, so watch this space. Thats Mark second from the right.

Mark Flythe with his NY Giants team mates